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What a Heavenly Sponge!!! I have been using it every night for 7 days. My skin feels amazing and so soft and clean. It has also helped to clear up some acne spots. I have added this sponge to my evening routine. The quality of this sponge shows from every details from the cute little box to the instructions that come with it. It is a must have to help us all look and stay a little younger!


Phoenix, AZ - USA
Recommending this to everyone who cares about their skin. I’ve heard a lot about these sponges, but never tried one until I saw that Lykke by Julie sold them, great company. Arrived virtually over night, beautiful packaging, would make a beautiful gift. Cheers to good skin!


San Francisco, CA - USA
“I’ve used Lykke by Julie facial oil for a year now, and it is my absolute favourite skin care line. Over the years I have struggled with both dry and blemished skin and have tried many different creams and oils. For me this oil is my rescue because it keeps the skin in balance. It smells good and feels comfortable. I recommend everyone to try this! “


Oslo, Norway
“Like so many others I have tried countless numbers of  facial moisturisers. After I discovered the facial oil from Lykke by Julie I only use this product. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin, provides maximum moisture and leaves a natural glow. I only use products that do not contain chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. With Lykke by Julie  the skin gets superior care using a product that contains only natural, pure and unrefined ingredients. I highly recommend it! “


Moss, Norway



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