The beauty of nature: In you, to you, through you.


The perfection of nature isn’t just all around you. It’s within you, reflected in every aspect of your being — including your skin. And it wants to shine through!

Too many skin care products work against your skin’s natural inclination towards health and radiance. Harsh chemicals, synthetics, and other “dead” ingredients can disturb your skin’s delicate balance and interfere with its intrinsic ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

At Lykke by Julie, we believe that when seek nature as the source of your beauty, your own natural beauty will be reflected back to you. Our skin-care products deliver real, visible results with ingredients that are good for your body, good for your soul, and good for the world.

We use them. We LOVE them. And we think you will, too.

Pure, powerful, plant-derived perfection

Every Lykke by Julie formula contains a custom blend of up to 14 plant and flower essences and natural botanicals. Each one of these ingredients is hand-picked for its unique healing, therapeutic, nourishing, and beauty-enhancing properties. Our individual formulas combine these elements in carefully calibrated harmony to target a variety of specific skin needs — gently, effectively, and absolutely naturally.

Lykke by Julie contains NO artificial colors, fragrances, stabilizers, additives, preservatives, or synthetics of any kind. Just pure, plant-derived goodness that’s as divinely designed and perfectly beautiful as you are.

Magically beautiful skin. Today, tomorrow, forever

Each stage of your life brings its own challenges, its own rewards… and its own special beauty. The same is true of your skin. Our product line is designed to adapt to your skin’s changing needs as you travel along life’s journey, so that the uniquely beautiful YOU of every age, every era, every moment in time can radiate out to the world.

We created Lykke by Julie to delight your senses as well as your skin. Our all-natural blends feel gorgeous going on, smell heavenly, and leave you with a fresh, dewy glow that lasts – all while delivering the nutrients that will restore and maintain your skin’s correct state of luminous good health.

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