After having turned 40 (some years ago..) I became very concerned with aging skin. Our body changes and there are no other places on our body that shows it more than on our skin!


I think that natural aging skin is beautiful- where you can see the wrinkles from smiles and laughter or a worry frown as a sign that life has not only been a bed of roses!


The face is a reflection of how you have lived and it is okay to be proud of that.


It also indicates dignity and strength!


My point is that it is not always necessary to cover up aging- it is also quite natural that we do get older- would you not agree?


What we can do is to give our skin and body healthy, delicious and natural ingredients that make us age with style!


Simply  so the aging process does not come as a surprise.


I have made skincare oils that slow down the process of the development of wrinkles and reduce aging marks.


My initial intention was to make skincare oils that provided the skin with nutritious and correct care so that our skin became healthy and soft. During this process I found that many of the same ingredients also keeps the skin young and elastic. Have a look at what I have made by clicking on this link!


I will leave you with this quote:


“Beauty is to take care of the skin!”


Have a wonderful day ahead!


Lots of love from Julie


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