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Stable-Balance – Now you can have Harmony and Balance in your life while maintaining the highest levels of performance and fulfillment … face challenges with confidence and vigor … and fearlessly pursue your grandest heartfelt dreams!

Anyone who has ever chased down a lofty goal – whether in business, sport, or any other field – knows you simply MUST get out of your comfort zone to do it.

But this naturally knocks your life “off balance” to some degree.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what keeps most people from ever living “the life of their dreams”: Their desire for balance is greater than their determination to get out of their comfort zone … and instead they end up weighted down by fear and doubt.

Here is where Stable Balance can help.

In this powerful yet light and easy-reading guide, Julie W. Ringnes shows – through a series of interviews with other top-performing business owners and executives, along with recollections from her own search for personal change and success – how simple it can be for you to maintain that all-important balance WITHOUT losing your goal-striving momentum and determination.

All it takes is the will to do it …and a copy of Stable Balance in your back pocket!

Julie Wang Ringes is a student of Success whose private studies and careers in Hospitality, and as an Executive Assistant, have brought her into intimate contact with some exceptionally successful and inspirational “high-achievers”, living well-balanced joy-filled lives. Still … the thought of stepping out from behind the success of her employers, to become all she was born to be, scared her beyond anything she had imagined.

Now Julie makes it her mission to share with others who also want to break free and live a life of their dreams, her inspirational story of overcoming those old fears and limiting habits that held her back in her old life.


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